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      Company Introduction





      Shanghai Hengyi Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Is a high-tech industey entity composed of scientific and technical personnel who have devoted to the design,development and manufacturing of balancing machines for many years as well as the backbone elite with abundant experience.

      The production of all the balancing machines in our company has been serialized.The performance index of our products has been advanced internationally.the HY-280and CAS-602 Electric Measuring lnstrumentation launched by us is applicable to all kinds of soft or hard bearing balancing machines, which brings us the deep trust and warm welcome from End-users.

      We take the tenef of “root for quality,foundation on honesty”。Our products can always satisfy the clients from industries like electric machinery,lighf industry machinery,textile machinery,fans,metallurgy,air-conditioners and automobiles with excellent service,exquisife fachnology,reasonable price and ISO controlled quality.

      We sincerely welcome visits,discussions and suggestions as wellas inquiries from the new and old customers. We wish to establish along-ferm partnership and friendship with cients from all over the world.